Sunday, January 4, 2009

What people are saying about Cursebreaker...

By Kimfurd:

Demon possession is a topic that appears once in a while in fiction. It is a topic that many find uncomfortable and unbelievable. Nancy Wentz has written a story that makes this topic very believable, but still quite uncomfortable! Cursebreaker tells the story of the Fratellia family and the generations - the centuries - of demon possession that has cursed their bloodline. God has sent a prophet to break that curse, and the battle that ensues is nothing short of horrific.

Cursebreaker is a story that requires some degree of suspended disbelief. Although spiritual warfare is not fictional, the concept provides a great launching pad of ideas from which unsettling fictional stories begin. Nancy's story is set in the 1930's where prohibition, g-men and mafia wars were realistic forces in society. She layers this reality with a supernatural curse, and in so doing creates a suspenseful, nerve-wracking story that the reader cannot put down!

The mafia wars and intricate inner workings of the mafia family are portrayed in all of their violent, gory details. The Fratellia family represents the ultimate depravity on every level of human existence. The only viable spiritual force that stands against their demonic power is a young man ripped from the grip of a poverty-stricken, abusive father and given the supernatural gift of prophecy. This young man suffers unbelievable physical challenges throughout the course of the story, and often times your heart just aches with a desire to comfort and protect the child.

I'd like to tell you that the ending of this story wraps things up for both the child in the story and the reader's emotions, but it just isn't possible. Your heart and mind are left raw - knowing that the battle still rages. And even though you know that God has already won the war, the battles that must be fought along the way will not be pretty.

I'm a huge fan of suspense fiction. I've read some really good stories that deal with spiritual warfare. Cursebreaker is really good. It was like a very high-powered, action-packed movie playing out in your mind. It left me unsettled. I was reminded that as Christians, the warfare is real and we need to keep our focus on Christ and Christ alone. Without Him, we are utterly lost. This is strong reading folks! It stays with you. I look forward to the next book. No doubt Nancy Wentz has more to say about this cast of characters!

By Annette M. Irby:

As a reader of Christian suspense I enjoyed reading Cursebreaker by Nancy Wentz. This book offers a unique mix of authentic historical settings, suspense and supernatural thrills. The story centers around a 10-year-old boy with the gift of prophesy, and a mafia family during the prohibition era of the 1930's, which has a generational curse of demon possession. The action is realistic and the pacing strong. Characters are well developed and the dialogue is believable. The Christian evangelical angle is well done and not preachy or overly sentimental. The book is not for those who desire lighter reading; it has all the corruption, violence and bloodshed you might expect from a leading gangster family and their activities controlling a major city. But it also shows that ultimately God is in control; He leads men to change their hearts, and He provides protection for His children. Those who love the style of Frank Peretti should enjoy this work because the elements of grand conspiracies and intrigue, demon possession and spiritual warfare are strong and contribute substantially to the overall appeal and readability of the novel. I look forward to reading upcoming books in this series.

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